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AutoSizer 1.7

Optimize the size of your active windows

AutoSizer is a helpful, free program only available for Windows, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Windows Managers.

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  • by Anonymous

    For months my windows open minimized, not full screened. . For months all my windows open minimized, not full screened. After months of dealing with this myself with no luck with internet searches and everybody elses(pc engineer) resolutions i decided to try autosizer .. I was amazed at the speed and small size of down-load, it worked straight away.... Truly amazing ... A must have for anyone.11/1More

  • by Anonymous

    Size does matter. This programme overcomes that minor irritation of the half screen display followed by clicking on the maximum button. Pros: It works - what more can I say. Cons: I gave up trying to use Microsoft side by side display as it wasn't successful Was that due to AutoSizer ?